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Stress Management

Stress is a major contributing factor to the onset and worsening of most illnesses. Stress Management is learning and implementing techniques to cope with unavoidable stressors. You will learn to recognize individual stressors and then learn to resolve the conflicts that the stressor created.

Stressors can be emotional, physical, toxins in the environment and/or other environmental factors. The cause of stress is different for each of us. What might cause stress to one person might not cause stress for another.

Awareness is the first step toward the solution.

Emotional stress may have profound physical effects and, in fact, there are recognizable physiological concomitants of stress.

Possible ways of dealing with stress are emotional changes, removal from stressful situations or environments, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, neuroliguistic programming (NLP), meridian tapping technique (MTT) which includes EFT, exercise, yoga, and meditation.

Stress management, the use of learned coping skills, is an extremely valuable intervention when stressors are making you ill or non-functional.

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