Thelma Jones, MD - Options for Wellness


"My goal is to partner with you to create individualized, personalized programs to improve your well being.

I specialize in assisting people with chronic physical and emotional conditions and those that have illnesses that they feel have not yet been resolved.

I am an integrative MD, board certified in internal medicine and hematology, with 35 years of experience in western medicine and oncology.

I now offer a variety of modalities tailored to each patient's needs, including nutritional counseling, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), matrix reimprinting and hypnotherapy."
- Dr. Jones

At Options for Wellness, I offer you the opportunity to live a healthier and more vibrant life. I believe that in order to stay healthy in today's world you should to play an active role in your own wellness. In my practice I use a holistic approach to help you find the best program for you. Good health is not only physical; it encompasses your body, your mind and your spirit. The solution lies in taking an integrative approach.

This integrative method makes use of such approaches as emotional freedom techniques (EFT), targeted nutritional supplementation, hypnosis, and addresses women’s health, mental and emotional issues, to name a few.

When working with me you will be educated regarding your own care. I will help you to navigate the complex health maze of today's medical world. I will work as a caring and compassionate health partner to help you make decisions that attain and sustain wellness.

When you understand your options, you will feel less vulnerable and more in control of your destiny. At Options for Wellness, my goal is to put you in charge.