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by Thelma Jones, MD with Lorraine Phillips (Writer)

In recent years, resveratrol, a natural occurring compound, has been hailed to reap real health benefits.  The brand that I recommend, and choose for myself, is the Shaklee Corporation’s patented product called VIVIX.

Studies have shown that the ingredients in VIVIX slow a key mechanism of aging (i.e. AGE protein formation). Shaklee scientists have worked for years to create a unique profile of polyphenols shown in laboratory studies to fight cellular aging.

The ingredients in VIVIX have been shown to impact the 4 key mechanisms of cellular aging: 1. DNA damage (help protect and repair cellular DNA) 2.Genetic regulators (turning down cellular aging) 3. Declining cellular energy production (promote mitochondrial biogenesis). 4. Accumulation of AGE proteins (these ingredients are 10X more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing AGE protein formation).

The ingredients in VIVIX have been well researched, referenced in over 2000 research publications including multiple studies at Harvard University, the National Institute of Aging and the National Cancer Institute.

Resveratrol and Cancer

There are numerous research articles about resveratrol and cancer. One study from the National Institute of Health indicates that resveratrol could be an excellent candidate for treatment in some cases of breast cancer.  It inhibits BRAC1 mutant tumor growth. And may serve as an excellent candidate for the targets therapy of BRAC1 associated tumors.

In July 2008 paper from the University of Nebraska, researchers stated: “Resveratrol has the ability to prevent the first step that occurs when estrogen starts the process that leads to cancer---We believe this could stop the whole progression that leads to cancer down the road,” and, therefore, may prevent breast cancer. The research showed that even a low dose could produce these results.

Resveratrol interferes with all three stages of carcinogenesis (initiation, promotion and progression).

Resveratrol and other illnesses

Resveratrol has also been studied for its effects on heart health, brain health and cardiovascular function, enhanced immunity and joint health, cellular longevity, antioxidant properties and increased cellular energy.

There have been other studies showing increased insulin sensitivity. In neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s; MS) resveratrol has been shown to be somewhat neuroprotective in animal models.

VIVIX should not be taken with coumadin, by pregnant or lactating women, those under the age of 18.

Women with estrogen positive breast cancer or a history of such should consult their physicians prior to use.

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Thelma Jones, is an integrative MD and the Director of Options for Wellness.
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Dr. Jones has a financial relationship with the Shaklee Corporation which compensates her for certain sales of VIVIX.  Numerous other supplements containing resveratrol are available on the market and Dr. Jones is available to discuss any and all alternatives.