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EFT and Anti-Aging:  How to Apply EFT with Nutritional Assistance to Radically Change Your Perspective about Growing Older

In this interview, Dr. Carrington discusses some of the claims now being made for Resveratrol, the new “anti-aging” supplement that is being mentioned by researchers as a breakthrough in increasing longevity and in the prevention of diseases of old age.

It has been discovered that severely restricted caloric intake can, in many species, prolong life. Perhaps, it can also counteract many of the diseases of old age. Pat Carrington questions Dr. Jones from the perspective of an experienced researcher herself (she has been author or co-author of 32 published research studies) and will discuss the potential of Resveratrol, the implications of some of the recent research on it, it’s potential impact on diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other diseases that we see increase dramatically with old age, and its potential impact on our future health.

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